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Your Coach:
Diana Sanchez-Vega


Diana is a twice nationally certified Spanish medical interpreter. She holds a Master of Arts in Psychological Studies, and a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business. In addition to her native Spanish and near-native command of English, Diana is also versed in Portuguese and French.

As the Owner of Sanchez-Vega Communications, LLC, Diana’s skill set has developed over the last 30+ years to include training of bilingual individuals to maximize the value of their language skills, career coaching, and being an expert of thought-provoking subjects in speaking engagements. Diana excels at facilitating interpersonal bright connections, learning processes, and program development. Her focus is to empower others to have effective, accurate, and complete communications.

Raised in the duality of the Anglo-Argentine environment, Diana learned at an early age how to navigate between two cultures, two belief systems, and two social environments. Once in the US, Diana immersed herself in a true process of acculturation by engaging with the communities where she lived. She has served as an advisor for multiple local nonprofit and government organizations, and has also been honored with the 2021 'Spirit in Entrepreneurship' Award from the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Nashville Business Journal’s 'Women of Influence Award' for nonprofit leadership.

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